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London Photo Spots

At the beginning of July I had the opportunity to travel to London for three days. An – to this point – unknown city for me was waiting to be visually explored.

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Project 365: Top 10 photos

It is difficult to select just ten photos from a whole year that have already been filtered down to their best one each day. This list is a mix of personal favourites, best memories and good technical images.

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Project 365: Flop 10 photos

Over the course of the year with „A photo a day“ I shot some photos with which I’m really unsatisfied with. I collected the worst ten (in my opinion).

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Project 365: A look back

A year long photographic journey is over. I took one photo every day for the last 366 days in a project I initially thought wouldn’t last that long. Sit back, relax and review the last year with me.

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Project 365 - A Photo A Day

Taking a picture every day over the course of one year. This is what I will be doing from today on. While this isn’t exactly a new idea (there are whole services and apps around this theme) it is a first for me. I haven’t done it yet and this post helps me shout it out into the world and put some public pressure on me.

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