Project 365: Flop 10 photos

Over the course of the year with „A photo a day“ I shot some photos with which I’m really unsatisfied with. I collected the worst ten (in my opinion).

There is no buzzfeed like list you have to go through, the photos are just in chronological order.

GrundigDay 21/365
The next one could have been a good shot, but I fucked up the focus. And I don’t like the cropping.
Two FaceDay 76/365

On my way home from work I was searching for reflections after the rain stopped. And I had a specific image in mind with mirrored traffic lights. But even after getting ca. 5 different subjects I could not bring the image to life.

ReflectionsDay 132/365
The next three are just desperate acts of getting a photo that day …
FlaggedDay 134/365
WalkingDay 151/365
Double UDay 168/365
Unsymmetrical and a boring subject, that’s why I chose you, „Ausfahrt“.
AusfahrtDay 233/365
As mentioned in the review post sick days take a toll on good subjects:
SlurpDay 281/365
In ProgressDay 283/365

On a brighter note: read the post on Top 10 photos from this project.